Minutes of October Meeting

These are unapproved Minutes of the October meeting. Any changes will br reflected in future Minutes.

Yarmouth Art Society

Minutes of October 26, 2019 Meeting

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm.

Minutes from September meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report for the period from Sept 28/19 to Oct 26/19 total balance forward of $1469.77. We still have the Garson reserve of $274.58 leaving an actual YAS balance of $1195.19.

Old Business:

Art Classes for Children: Dave Gorman and Gary Stewart have indicated they would be interested in teaching art classes for children.

Shows at the Museum: We currently have a beautiful show at the museum. For the next show, with Winter theme, the opening reception will be on November 15 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The current show ends on the 12th, so we can pick up our work and drop off for the next show on the 12th or we can drop off on the 13th as hanging will be on the 14th.

Art Work at the Hospital: We are to drop off our work at the printshop on November 5 for the hospital project. Hanging will be done on the 6th and the opening reception will be on the 19th. There will be limited space to begin with. If your work doesn’t get hung right away, it will be hung at a later date. The hospital will be promoting this show and we may promote it as well.

YAS networking: Margriet sent a notice to Downtown Yarmouth November events to advertise our winter show and Noella sent a notice to CJLS Community Calendar.

New Business:

Inspiration from Parrsboro: As we are looking for ways to promote the arts in our community, Margaret Jeddry talked about her experience when she contacted a gentleman from the Parrsboro Creative Group. He said they were able to obtain provincial funding to hire one employee. He suggested contacting Christopher Shore with Culture and Heritage. It was also suggested we contact the Yarmouth Art Council Board. We had a discussion about asking other groups like the Writers, Rug Hookers, Craft Guild, dancers, musicians, theatre, etc to combine with us and make a collective group instead of the smaller groups. We also discussed the possibilities of obtaining permanent studio space and gallery space. Margaret mentioned the gallery in Freeport, a small community where the Bank of Nova Scotia is providing the building for an art gallery and over 40 artists are showing their work. It was decided that a few of us  would meet again on November 9 after contacting the leaders of the other groups to ask about a combined group. This meeting will be to discuss the objectives of a united group moving forward.

Our next monthly meeting will be on November 30/19 at 1:00 pm at AGNS and we will invite the leaders of the other groups to attend our meeting if they wish to join as a bigger group or if they want to hear more about the objectives of a collective group.

Respectfully submitted,

Noella DeMille