November minutes

Yarmouth Art Society

Minutes of November 30, 2019 Meeting

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm.

Minutes of October meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report for the period from October 26 to November 30, 2019 balance forward of $1469.77, total balance forward of $1302.41. We still have the Garson reserve of $274.58 leaving an actual YAS balance of $1027.83.

Old Business:

Show at the Museum: We currently have a very nice show at the museum until January.

Artwork at Hospital: This exhibit has been well received. Suggestions have been made for a sign and better lighting near the cabinet of crafts as it is in a rather dark area. Ivan suggested coasters could be put on the cabinet as it may need to be moved slightly from time to time. Also a different font could be used on the poster as it is not readable from a distance. Peggy Green is still working on obtaining more wall space to extend this exhibit, art work is to be changed every 6 months. Anne has heard that someone may be interviewed regarding this show, at the Hospital Foundation Radiothon in February.

YAS Networking: Margriet said that the advertising we did in the Downtown Yarmouth November events calendar and the CJLS Community Calendar for the Winter show at the museum, seems to have helped as we had a good turnout for our opening reception.

New Business:

Arts coalition updates: Margaret has tried to reach Christopher Shore, he hasn’t returned the phone call yet, she will keep trying. Belle Hatfield of Hear, Hear, has indicated that there is some interest with her group, to combine with YAS but are on the sidelines until they know more. They will discuss this at their January meeting. Ivan said the Craft Guild doesn’t seem interested at this time as their mandate is different from the YAS mandate. Bill Curry said some photographers seem interested in joining YAS as a way to show and sell their work. Some of the points raised during this discussion were: some people don’t want to get involved with the political element; perhaps we could change the name of the Yarmouth Art Society and mission statement in a way to show that it is not for visual artists only, but for artists and artisans of all kinds; Anne pointed out that lots of people rely on social media rather than attending meetings to keep up with current events. It was decided that Margriet will send out the YAS by-laws by e-mail to members who attended this meeting as we think about changing the YAS name and mandate for our up-coming AGM in February.


VANS: Dan said our membership is due for renewal, $60.00, believes YAS should renew. The benefits include a discount if YAS members want to join individually and they could have a page on the VANS website to show their work.  This was approved.

Museum Donation: Dan suggested a $300 donation to the museum which was approved.

AGM: Margriet said she plans on stepping down as president and we may want to think about a different vice president also, as Dave has been unable to attend most meetings.

Next meeting will be January 25, 2020 at 1:00 pm at AGNS

Respectfully submitted,

Noella DeMille