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Minutes of February Meeting

   Yarmouth Art Society Meeting Minutes

                                 February 29, 2020

Yarmouth Art Society

Minutes of February 29, 2020 Meeting

The Yarmouth County Museum and Archives

The meeting wa called to order at 1.00 pm.

YAS Minutes of January 25, 2020 meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report :

 For the period January 25. 2020 to February 29th. 2020 ; the opening balance forward was $942.41. After income and expenses;  total balance forward is $821.66. Garson Reserve forward is $274.58 . Actual YAS balance is $547.08. Treasurer’s report accepted as read.

Old Business :

Artwork in Hospital – the exhibit is successful with four pieces sold.The process of replacing artwork still needs to be streamlined. Margriet awaiting a call about a meeting with Peggy Green Yarmouth Site leader ,NS Health Authority.

New Business : 

The future of YAS – a discussion was held re a name change which might be more open and inclusive to attract a younger demographic. Margaret Jeddrey offered the name Yarmouth Creative and suggested we look at the Parrsboro Creative website.YAS is registered with Joint Stocks and that will remain the same but  we can have a branding name.  A decision about the name was tabled until the next meeting. Any name suggestions by members can be emailed to Judy Jenkins([email protected]).

Judy Jenkins shared a exciting meeting she had with Linda Deveau Yarmouth Mall Manager in which a offer of a community art space was made.The space was previously occupied by Carleton Cards .A small group of YAS members were pulled together quickly Friday to brainstorm how this might work. The space could be used for display of works, shows ,meetings and workshops. If a business specifically  wanted that space in the future we would have to move to another space. One suggestion at the meeting was to ask the Craft Guild if they might be interested in partnering with us. A draft of the brainstorming ideas was drawn up by Dan Earle and sent off to some members of the Craft Guild. The President and several members of the Craft Guild were present at the YAS meeting as well as rug hooking leaders of the Yarmouth Carpetbaggers and The Rugg Bees. There were questions and concerns brought forward by this group.It is early days and we need to obtain more information before final decisions are made. Any questions , thoughts or suggestions email Judy Jenkins. Any individual crafters can be members of YAS as well as the Craft Guild and be part of this project. A member of the Craft Guild will be asked to be on the Mall Project Committee as we move forward in the decision making process.

YAS Members are asked to fill out a contact info and Interest form along with the $15.00 membership fee.


Ruth Rideout a Lifetime Member of the Yarmouth Art Society passed was moved by Margriet Knubben and seconded by Ivan Blades that we donate a hundred dollars to the Friends of the AGNS in her memory. Motion carried.

Kellianne Land informed us that the AGNS is making Programming decisions this month any ideas or suggestions please forward to them.

Many thanks to Margriet Knubben who did four years as President .

Next meeting will be at 1pm March 28, 2020 at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. 

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Paulette Babin


YAS AGM Minutes

  2020 YAS Annual General Meeting Minutes

The Annual General Meeting of the Yarmouth Art Society took place in the education wing of The Yarmouth County Museum and Archives on February 29 2020.

The meeting was called to order at 1pm ; President Margriet Knubben chair. Minutes of the 2019  Annual General Meeting were accepted as read.

2019 Financial Report- balance forward from 2019 to 2020 is $942.41. Financial report accepted as presented by Dan Earle.

Margriet Knubben gave the President’s Report summarizing the Yarmouth Art Society activities of 2019.The report was accepted as presented.

Nominations for slate of officers brought forward as follows   Past President – Margriet Knubben

                 President – Judy Jenkins

                 Vice President- Kellianne Land

                 Treasurer- Dan Earle

                 Secretary – Noelle Demille

                 Exhibition Committee –        

                  Chair –  Bill Curry

                  Members – Selena Crosson

                                      – Margaret Jeddry

No further nominations brought forward ; slate of officers accepted as presented.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Paulette Babin

Minutes January 2020 meeting

Yarmouth Art Society

Minutes of January 25, 2020 Meeting

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm.

Minutes of November 30, 2019 meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: For the period from November 30 to December 31, 2019 balance forward of $1302.41, total balance forward of $942.41. For the period from December 31, 2019 to January 25, 2020, balance forward of $942.41, total balance forward of $942.41. We still have the Garson reserve of $274.58 leaving an actual YAS balance of $687.93.The end of year balance of $942.41 matches bank statement.

Old Business:

Show at Museum: We recently completed two successful shows at the museum. We have been informed that the museum will be using the room for their own shows in 2020, so we won’t have any exhibits at the museum this year.

Artwork at Hospital: This exhibit is doing well, four pieces have been sold so far. Ivan pointed out that the process of replacing art work that has been sold, is very confusing and inefficient, perhaps it could be streamlined. Also, people are getting confused with the 30% commission.

New Business:

Officers: Margriet hasn’t received any replies to her e-mail about the positions of president, vice-president and head of exhibits committee that need to be filled as of our February AGM. 

Future YAS: Over the last few years, we have seen a gradual decline in attendance at the YAS meetings and a decline in participation at our shows. It would be great to have more support from the town and from the YARC. Urgent needs are a place to hang shows, nominations for president, vice-president and head of exhibits committee. This leaves us wondering where is YAS headed? Could it be that operations would need to be suspended for at least a year? Judy volunteered to contact YAS members about the officers positions that need to be filled.

Other: Judy said that she is working on opening up a room connected to her shop, Seahags and Scallywags, for workshops.

Next meeting will be February 29, 2020 at 1:00 pm at AGNS and it will be our AGM.

Respectfully submitted,

Noella DeMille

November minutes

Yarmouth Art Society

Minutes of November 30, 2019 Meeting

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm.

Minutes of October meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report for the period from October 26 to November 30, 2019 balance forward of $1469.77, total balance forward of $1302.41. We still have the Garson reserve of $274.58 leaving an actual YAS balance of $1027.83.

Old Business:

Show at the Museum: We currently have a very nice show at the museum until January.

Artwork at Hospital: This exhibit has been well received. Suggestions have been made for a sign and better lighting near the cabinet of crafts as it is in a rather dark area. Ivan suggested coasters could be put on the cabinet as it may need to be moved slightly from time to time. Also a different font could be used on the poster as it is not readable from a distance. Peggy Green is still working on obtaining more wall space to extend this exhibit, art work is to be changed every 6 months. Anne has heard that someone may be interviewed regarding this show, at the Hospital Foundation Radiothon in February.

YAS Networking: Margriet said that the advertising we did in the Downtown Yarmouth November events calendar and the CJLS Community Calendar for the Winter show at the museum, seems to have helped as we had a good turnout for our opening reception.

New Business:

Arts coalition updates: Margaret has tried to reach Christopher Shore, he hasn’t returned the phone call yet, she will keep trying. Belle Hatfield of Hear, Hear, has indicated that there is some interest with her group, to combine with YAS but are on the sidelines until they know more. They will discuss this at their January meeting. Ivan said the Craft Guild doesn’t seem interested at this time as their mandate is different from the YAS mandate. Bill Curry said some photographers seem interested in joining YAS as a way to show and sell their work. Some of the points raised during this discussion were: some people don’t want to get involved with the political element; perhaps we could change the name of the Yarmouth Art Society and mission statement in a way to show that it is not for visual artists only, but for artists and artisans of all kinds; Anne pointed out that lots of people rely on social media rather than attending meetings to keep up with current events. It was decided that Margriet will send out the YAS by-laws by e-mail to members who attended this meeting as we think about changing the YAS name and mandate for our up-coming AGM in February.


VANS: Dan said our membership is due for renewal, $60.00, believes YAS should renew. The benefits include a discount if YAS members want to join individually and they could have a page on the VANS website to show their work.  This was approved.

Museum Donation: Dan suggested a $300 donation to the museum which was approved.

AGM: Margriet said she plans on stepping down as president and we may want to think about a different vice president also, as Dave has been unable to attend most meetings.

Next meeting will be January 25, 2020 at 1:00 pm at AGNS

Respectfully submitted,

Noella DeMille

Minutes of October Meeting

These are unapproved Minutes of the October meeting. Any changes will br reflected in future Minutes.

Yarmouth Art Society

Minutes of October 26, 2019 Meeting

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm.

Minutes from September meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report for the period from Sept 28/19 to Oct 26/19 total balance forward of $1469.77. We still have the Garson reserve of $274.58 leaving an actual YAS balance of $1195.19.

Old Business:

Art Classes for Children: Dave Gorman and Gary Stewart have indicated they would be interested in teaching art classes for children.

Shows at the Museum: We currently have a beautiful show at the museum. For the next show, with Winter theme, the opening reception will be on November 15 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The current show ends on the 12th, so we can pick up our work and drop off for the next show on the 12th or we can drop off on the 13th as hanging will be on the 14th.

Art Work at the Hospital: We are to drop off our work at the printshop on November 5 for the hospital project. Hanging will be done on the 6th and the opening reception will be on the 19th. There will be limited space to begin with. If your work doesn’t get hung right away, it will be hung at a later date. The hospital will be promoting this show and we may promote it as well.

YAS networking: Margriet sent a notice to Downtown Yarmouth November events to advertise our winter show and Noella sent a notice to CJLS Community Calendar.

New Business:

Inspiration from Parrsboro: As we are looking for ways to promote the arts in our community, Margaret Jeddry talked about her experience when she contacted a gentleman from the Parrsboro Creative Group. He said they were able to obtain provincial funding to hire one employee. He suggested contacting Christopher Shore with Culture and Heritage. It was also suggested we contact the Yarmouth Art Council Board. We had a discussion about asking other groups like the Writers, Rug Hookers, Craft Guild, dancers, musicians, theatre, etc to combine with us and make a collective group instead of the smaller groups. We also discussed the possibilities of obtaining permanent studio space and gallery space. Margaret mentioned the gallery in Freeport, a small community where the Bank of Nova Scotia is providing the building for an art gallery and over 40 artists are showing their work. It was decided that a few of us  would meet again on November 9 after contacting the leaders of the other groups to ask about a combined group. This meeting will be to discuss the objectives of a united group moving forward.

Our next monthly meeting will be on November 30/19 at 1:00 pm at AGNS and we will invite the leaders of the other groups to attend our meeting if they wish to join as a bigger group or if they want to hear more about the objectives of a collective group.

Respectfully submitted,

Noella DeMille

Minutes of September 28th meeting

These are unapproved minutes. For changes se subsequent postings.

Yarmouth Art Society

Minutes of Sept 28, 2019 Meeting

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm

Minutes of the June 29, 2019 meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s report for the period from August 31, 2019 to Sept 28, 2019, opening balance of $1454.77 and total balance forward of $1454.77. This balance includes $274.58 which is the remaining grant money for the Garson Sisters project so the actual YAS balance is $1180.19.

Old Business:

Art classes for children: There was no one at the meeting who participated in the teaching of these classes, but Kellianne and Angela were pleased with the results.Margriet has received no responses to the request for names of artists willing to teach future art classes for children. She will send out an e-mail to all YAS members.

Switch: No YAS members participated in the SWITCH street event this year.

Sara Corning Project: The writers’ group decided not to join the YAS members for this event. The reception at the Yarmouth Waterfront Gallery was well attended.

Hospital Hullabaloo: This went well with $595 raised, approximately the same as last year.

Shows at the Museum: Cecil handed out posters to YAS members, to be placed in local businesses’ windows to announce our up-coming show at the museum. Art work is to be dropped off at the museum by Wednesday at the latest. Our Sara Corning art work is acceptable for this exhibit.

Artwork at Hospital: Margriet hasn’t heard from Peggy lately so she will try to call her to determine how work is progressing in preparation for this project.

YAS networking: We had a discussion about inviting business owners to our opening receptions when we do an exhibit, not just placing posters in their windows. We should also try to have our opening receptions announced in the Downtown Yarmouth Calendars. Margriet will see if our October exhibit can be announced, if not, our November 16 opening reception for the Winter theme exhibit should be announced.

New Business:

Artist Co-Op: Margriet was speaking with Natalie Smith, who said plans for art centre are now frozen due to groups not agreeing, money is now being spent on Mariner Centre expansion. It was mentioned that communities like Annapolis and Parrsboro have strong community involvement in the arts. They have outdoor art activities which involve the public. The question was raised as to how could we become a stronger art community. It was suggested that, at one of our monthly meetings,  we could arrange on line contact with people from the Annapolis and Parrsboro art councils to discuss this. Then we could have a meeting with Pam Mood and Natalie Smith to discuss ways to promote the arts in Yarmouth. One idea proposed was looking into joining with other art groups such as Craft Guild, Writers’ Group, rug hookers, etc, forming one large group instead of a number of small groups.  Betty mentioned that perhaps YAS members should be required to attend a minimum number of meetings per year in order to show their work at our exhibits. It was pointed out that some members have physical restrictions which make it difficult for them to get around, but they still participate in exhibits. Dan pointed out that many organizations succeed with only Board members attending meetings. 

Other: We are glad to hear that Father Maurice is now out of the hospital, and is staying at the Tusket Villa in Tusket, and he is still painting. We wish him all the best.

We had a round table talk.

Next meeting will be Saturday, October 26th at 1 pm in the community room of the AGNS.

Respectfully submitted,

Noella DeMille