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Family Sunday with Marilyn Francis


Sunday, 24 February 2019 – 1:15pm to 3:00pm

We are pleased to have Mi’kmaq Elder Marilyn Francis from Acadia First Nation in Yarmouth, with us to share her wisdom and to help you explore your animal spirit of creativity. Marilyn will teach you about animal names in the Mi’kmaw language. Experience this introduction to the language while painting your own animal flash cards.

The workshop is inspired by the Terroir exhibition which presents art inspired by the environment. Artist Alan Syliboy’s book, Mi’kmaw Waisisk, will also provide inspiration for the afternoon.

Family Sunday is a time to enjoy working together. All materials are provided. Children 5-12 years of age, with their parents, grandparents or caregivers. Parents must stay with the children.


Members free, general admission applies to non-members.

Thank you to the Friends of the Gallery for their continued support.
Please call to register 902 749 2248 or email [email protected]

Maud Lewis Show and Tell





Monday, 18 February 2019 – 1:00pm to 3:00pm

The Friends of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Yarmouth are pleased to present a Maud Lewis Story Circle in honour of Maud Lewis as part of Nova Scotia’s Heritage Day. The program will include a Show & Tell circle where a dozen people will share personal stories related to meeting Maud, being inspired by Maud, or having information regarding Maud. The audience will also be asked to bring items of interest related to Maud Lewis, and to share their stories.

This is a free event funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Our new Members Art page

Click on Members Art just below the masthead picture to see our new  page. We are making progress in its development after just two days. This is a  spot where people who are YAS Members can display their art.

If you would like to be included please send a short bio and not more than three images to [email protected]

Watercolour Workshops in April and May

Poppy Balser, watercolour artist from Digby, will be teaching two courses this spring.  Many YAS members have enjoyed working with her in the past. Her classes are always enjoyable and full of good lessons you can apply.
To get direct information about the workshops visit these web addresses:


We would like to suggest that you subscribe to our YAS website to get notice of all new posts. See box on left. This blog is the location where we announce meetings, shows and events that may be of interest to art enthusiasts. We also encourage you to join the art society to show your support of visual arts in our region.

See Membership Page (above) to get details.

Maurice Leblanc art exhibit in progress

For more information visit:


Minutes of November meeting

These are the unapproved minutes of the November meeting.

 Yarmouth Art Society Meeting Minutes , November 24th 2018


Meeting called to order at 2 p.m.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth .

Minutes of October 30 th 2018 Meeting approved as read.

Treasurers Report:

For the period October 30th 2018 to November 24th 2018 the opening balance forward is $2077.08. After income and expenses total balance forward is $3997.08.This balance includes Garson Grant of $474.58 and Print Making Workshop Grant of $1980.00 Actual YAS balance is $1542.50.

Old Business:

-A  note was read from Judy Ferron thanking YAS for the donation of the Ron Lynch Watercolour Course Book to the Yarmouth Library in memory of Pierre Ferron and his contribution to the art world. Judy wished the members of YAS good luck in all their creative endeavours.

New Business:

-YAS activities in the spring, Margriet Knubben shared that now Dave Gorman is home a small group of members will be pulled together to bring ideas forward for input and approval at future YAS Meeting.

-Artwork in Hospitals ; Margriet Knubben contacted Yarmouth hospital Site Manager Paggy Green who thought it was a wonderful idea. She will discuss with her colleagues and get back to Margriet.


-Art Show at the Museum ; Virginia Stoddard reported this is still a possibilty for the Yarmouth Art Society, Nadine is looking at possible openings and will let us know.

-Art Classes for Children: Virginia Stoddard reported that we have a tentative business plan  :

A 10 week series, age 12yrs and up  to  minimum no. of  10 registrant @$5.00 a week – $1500.  Instructor @ $100.00 per week- $1000                                   Kellianne Land is available to Instruct.    Room lower level Museum -$300  Supplies -? $200 .  The budget could balance with the Garson Grant money being held in reserve for possibility of shortfall of money or registrants needing financial help.                                                                                                       

A more complete proposal will be brought forward to next YAS meeting including a supply list from Kellianne, an assessment of  need for volunteers to help  and a to do list .    All members present approved ; there is a need for Art Classes for children and this also increases the Yarmouth Art Society’s profile. 

Ivan Blades suggested that we have a night of networking to increase the profile of YAS ;this night would be for the general public but with an emphasis on youth as we need the youth to sustain the future of YAS. A lively discussion followed,some suggestions were: 

–The night could be structured on certain dates with different themes e.g. watercolour, printmaking .    Unstructured format may be better; inviting artists to share what they are doing,( Amber d’Entremont has done work in that area and she may come to our next meeting.)   Could this night be at the AGNS on a Thursday when it  is open to the public sponsored by Bank of Montreal.                                     

Key people could be identified to invite to ensure the success of the first night.  Need to excite the youth , ask them to dream.   Need to connect different art forms.    Artists could be asked to share their portfolios.  It could be a Art Slam; open microphone,art,poetry,music etc..     Supporting a venture like this goes with our mandate.            Further discussion will be held  at January 2019 meeting, all input welcome.

-Kellianne Land brought up the obvious rift in the Arts community in this area. Forgetting the different physical structures proposed could we look at improving relationships among people in the arts in our area who surely share commonalities and vision. Kellianne presented information about EmcArts whose programs help individuals,organizations and communities take on their most complex challenges through the Arts. Learn about their approach,work and programs at     Also you can download a GIA Reader article on that site :                            “Introducing Community Innovation Labs  A New Approach for Harvesting the Power of the Arts to          Unlock Complex Problems in Local Systems” by their President Richard Evans and  Director of Strategic Initiatives Karina Mangu-Ward. Light refreshments were enjoyed as discussion continued.

Roundtable was held with members sharing thoughts, projects etc. with each other.

Next meeting at 1pm January 26th 2019 at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Community Room. 

Respectfully submitted

Paulette Babin

Elizabeth Manuge in our thoughts

A note to all about our very spirited Elizabeth Manuge from Marianne
Thank you for your email to Mom and for safekeeping her artwork. Mom’s had a pretty protracted bout in hospital, first in Yarmouth, then in the QEll. She finally had the long-awaited aortic valve implant by catheter (TAVI) on Tuesday and is dealing with some post-op issues now. She’s in ICU and making a gradual recovery. Please let fellow YAS members and friends know that she was sketching away in hospital and I know she hopes to be back to see everyone again soon.