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In Memoriam

The Yarmouth Art Society would like to announce the passing of two of our long term Members. Anne Harding, a popular and inspirational jeweller and print maker died in late December. Father Maurice LeBlanc, a lifetime member, who painted many local scenes in oil and watercolour, passed away in February. Both were members of the Yarmouth Waterfront Gallery for many years, Father Maurice being one if its founders.

Show and sell art at Belliveau Cove Market

The Expo d’Art Saint Bernard Board members met last week and decided to hold a one-day art show & sale at the Belliveau Cove Market.
We have rented the whole market for the day of Sunday July 26th from 9am to 4 pm. In case of rain, we’ll have it on Sunday August 1st.
 We will have to respect the Covid19 safety regulations in place at that time.
We have 8 booths and many  tables as well as the gazebo for us to use. There will be a small fee depending on the number of participating artists.
Are you interested in participating?
If you are, please confirm with [email protected] before Tuesday June 23rd and please specify if you would like a booth, a table or be at the gazebo. First come first serve!
Artists will be able to set up at 9am and be ready for 10am. You will have to be at your show all day. You will have to do your own sales. Artists may work during the day.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate.

April 2020 – YAS and Covid

We were unable to have our monthly meeting in April 2020 because of Covid-19 restrictions. However, as an organization we are in healthy shape.  Thanks to Memberships and grants our treasury is about $1400.  We will be moving ahead with plans for our Mall location once the all clear has been given and will be keeping Members informed as we go along. It will provide all with a place to exhibit work, hold workshops, and join meetings.

Hoping all is well with all and that you are finding this a creative time.

Minutes of September 28th meeting

These are unapproved minutes. For changes se subsequent postings.

Yarmouth Art Society

Minutes of Sept 28, 2019 Meeting

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm

Minutes of the June 29, 2019 meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s report for the period from August 31, 2019 to Sept 28, 2019, opening balance of $1454.77 and total balance forward of $1454.77. This balance includes $274.58 which is the remaining grant money for the Garson Sisters project so the actual YAS balance is $1180.19.

Old Business:

Art classes for children: There was no one at the meeting who participated in the teaching of these classes, but Kellianne and Angela were pleased with the results.Margriet has received no responses to the request for names of artists willing to teach future art classes for children. She will send out an e-mail to all YAS members.

Switch: No YAS members participated in the SWITCH street event this year.

Sara Corning Project: The writers’ group decided not to join the YAS members for this event. The reception at the Yarmouth Waterfront Gallery was well attended.

Hospital Hullabaloo: This went well with $595 raised, approximately the same as last year.

Shows at the Museum: Cecil handed out posters to YAS members, to be placed in local businesses’ windows to announce our up-coming show at the museum. Art work is to be dropped off at the museum by Wednesday at the latest. Our Sara Corning art work is acceptable for this exhibit.

Artwork at Hospital: Margriet hasn’t heard from Peggy lately so she will try to call her to determine how work is progressing in preparation for this project.

YAS networking: We had a discussion about inviting business owners to our opening receptions when we do an exhibit, not just placing posters in their windows. We should also try to have our opening receptions announced in the Downtown Yarmouth Calendars. Margriet will see if our October exhibit can be announced, if not, our November 16 opening reception for the Winter theme exhibit should be announced.

New Business:

Artist Co-Op: Margriet was speaking with Natalie Smith, who said plans for art centre are now frozen due to groups not agreeing, money is now being spent on Mariner Centre expansion. It was mentioned that communities like Annapolis and Parrsboro have strong community involvement in the arts. They have outdoor art activities which involve the public. The question was raised as to how could we become a stronger art community. It was suggested that, at one of our monthly meetings,  we could arrange on line contact with people from the Annapolis and Parrsboro art councils to discuss this. Then we could have a meeting with Pam Mood and Natalie Smith to discuss ways to promote the arts in Yarmouth. One idea proposed was looking into joining with other art groups such as Craft Guild, Writers’ Group, rug hookers, etc, forming one large group instead of a number of small groups.  Betty mentioned that perhaps YAS members should be required to attend a minimum number of meetings per year in order to show their work at our exhibits. It was pointed out that some members have physical restrictions which make it difficult for them to get around, but they still participate in exhibits. Dan pointed out that many organizations succeed with only Board members attending meetings. 

Other: We are glad to hear that Father Maurice is now out of the hospital, and is staying at the Tusket Villa in Tusket, and he is still painting. We wish him all the best.

We had a round table talk.

Next meeting will be Saturday, October 26th at 1 pm in the community room of the AGNS.

Respectfully submitted,

Noella DeMille