Our Members Art

This is a page where you as a member can have your bio, individual webpage, and examples of your art displayed. Just sent the information you would like posted to <[email protected]>. Submissions may be edited to fit our format. In alphabetical order by last name.

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Sue J Amon was born in Nova Scotia but during her childhood she resided in Europe where her father was in the Canadian Army.  The family moved to Massachusetts in 1964.  In 1984 Sue moved her family back home to Nova Scotia and resides in Rockville, where her ancestors have lived for generations.  Sue is a mother of 5 and Gramma of 7 and during the years foster mother to many.  She is a musician (Family Crest Band) and songwriter registered with Socan,  a poet with works published in anthologies,  self taught artist and an entrepreneur.  Life Creations printing was opened in 2011 in memory of her much beloved nephew Scott as a way to capture memories for others.  After being disabled with RA, Fibromyalgia , PTSD  and Degenerative bone disease,  Sue decided to focus on her art work as a form of therapy and self fulfillment.  She calla her art works  “Life Creations Art.”  Her goal is to try to capture the memories , beauty  and emotions of life’s creations.  Sue will be holding her first Art Exhibit during the month of June 2019 at the YARC.

John Bladek is an emerging artist who has developed a unique style of oil painting which he calls “geometric”. Raised in Toronto, Ontario, John’s first exposure to painting was in a grade 12 art class where he was influenced by the work of Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris.  With university degrees in geology and geography John moved to Calgary and worked in the oil and gas industry for 25 years before retiring. At the suggestion of a friend, John took up painting again in late 2015. A year after that he developed his unique style. “this style of painting presents a great mental and technical challenge, once the basic underpainting is done all of the final geometric shapes are painted by hand with no taping or guides, every painting is like a puzzle that I have to create as I go”.  John also creates paintings in another unique style. His “Fish Figments” paintings are colourful, abstract depictions of fish flowing among geometric shapes.  He encourages viewers of these paintings to let their minds flow with the fish.  As with the “geometric” paintings, all elements are painted freehand. To see more of his work visit www.johnbladekart.com

Charline Burbine was born and raised in Yarmouth N.S.  After moving about {Ottawa, Boston, Halifax} she settled back in Yarmouth and enjoyed painting with The Garson Girls for10 years. She has worked with watercolour, acrylic, oil and, recently, the new water soluable oils. Once keen on detail, since developing severe tinnitus she is experimenting with color and bold format. She will be showing her work at the November display at the Yarmouth Museum.

Noella DeMille grew up in a very scenic area, Meteghan River, Nova Scotia, and now lives in Brooklyn, outside Yarmouth. With no formal education in the arts, she started doing pencil drawings as a hobby in 2002 while working as an insurance broker.  Since joining the Yarmouth Art Society, she has participated in art classes and workshops which have enabled her to extend her art activities to watercolour, print making and pointilism. She retired from the insurance business at the end of 2017 so now has more time to devote to the arts which she enjoys greatly.

Dan Earle  has his background in art by being a professional Landscape Architect. He has be drawing since his teens. He attended Michigan State and Harvard Universities. He was a professor of Landscape Architecture at Louisiana State University for 37 years. On retirement he moved to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and became involved in the visual arts community. He does drawing, print making, constructions and watercolours, which are his main interest. He is a member of the Yarmouth Waterfront Gallery and participated regularly in Yarmouth Art Society shows. He is a docent at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Yarmouth where he often works on art projects with school children. To see more of his work visit www.danearleart.ca

Margriet Knubben was born and raised in the Netherlands. For many years she worked as a medical laboratory technician, manager of the laboratory and total quality manager of a hospital. Besides her job she loved to draw and paint in all kinds of media. Margriet had her art education in The Netherlands with the Dutch painter Michel  Van den  Einden who was her teacher for more than eight years.  She works and teaches in acrylic medium. As a nature lover her subjects are mostly landscapes and animals. Nature gives her peace and comfort and is very inspiring. Painting animals or landscapes gives her a chance to show the beauty of the subjects she admires so much.  Margriet is also exploring the art of print making at Th’YARC print shop with Cecil Day as a teacher. After retirement her husband, Matthew Van Duin,  and she came to Nova Scotia in 2010. Their paintings can be seen at their studio/gallery in Carleton and at art shows in Yarmouth.

Margo Tassi received her MFA from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She has spent most of her adult life living and working in Philadelphia, PA. Tassi creates her images in oils and watercolors and also uses photos, etchings, and woodblock prints to explore her subject.   • She has done plein airwork at her artist residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont; Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, Temecula, California; and The Hambidge Center, Rabun Gap, Georgia.  •Since 2001 she has spent four months a year painting in the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia area. There, her proximity to the Gulf of Maine and numerous lakes allows her to focus on the edges between land and water. She is a member of the Yarmouth Art Society and has shown with the Society on a regular basis.  •She has had solo shows in Georgia, California, Vermont, and Philadelphia; and has shown her work extensively in group shows in the Philadelphia, PA and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia areas. Her work is in numerous private collections.