Minutes of November Meeting

These are the unapproved minutes of the November meeting.

Yarmouth Art Society

Minutes- November 19, 2017

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Yarmouth

The monthly meeting of the Yarmouth Art Society was called to order by President Margriet Knubben at 1:00 p.m.

The minutes of the October 28th meeting were read by Dan Earle and accepted.

Treasurer Dan Earle reported an opening balance of $2,133.17, October revenue of $16.00, and a closing balance of $2,149.17.  The treasurer’s report was accepted.

Old Business:

Our Lucky Choice show is now up at Th’YARC lobby, with 39 entries.

Because we will be having a group show in the AGNS community room next October to December, and also a summer show at the Yarmouth County Museum & Archives, it was decided that a lobby show at Th’YARC in June 2018 would be too much.

Margriet mentioned that Carol Rogers had written to correct the information reported from last month’s meeting about Project NSCC and Marcel d’Entremont’s  Applied Media and Communication Arts course at Burridge.  Marcel would be more than happy to talk about the students’ display. However last year’s class has graduated and the AMCA program wasn’t renewed.  Members agreed that it would be interesting to have Marcel speak at one of our meetings.

New Business:

Dan brought up the Facebook posting that Andre Haines has made about a New Yarmouth Arts Council. A lively discussion ensued about this, and about the letter sent to Andre by Mitch Bonnar, banning Andre from entering Th’YARC premises. Facts, opinions, and some background information were shared. Ann Jones brought with her a listing of the 204 names included in the database assembled in 2012 by the Yarmouth Artisan Yard.  Yarmouth Artisan Yard is still in existence, and this listing, though dated, can be used to build a new collection of artist names and interests.

It was established that there are two issues here: the ability of Th’YARC Council to ban individuals and what this means for our activities; and, the formation of a new Yarmouth Arts Council.

It was moved by Ivan Blades, and seconded by Dan Earle, that the Yarmouth Art Society fully supports the concept of a new Yarmouth Arts Council, and the desirability of having further discussions with the Town and the Municipality of Yarmouth.

Motion passed after further conversation.

Margriet, Ann, and Virginia have formed a committee to have meetings with Mayor Pam Mood and Warden Leland Anthony.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

Many members stayed on for the Creative Minds presentation given by Hugh Eamon and Mark Connell on the sketchbooks of Helen Weld.


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