Minutes – January 27, 2108

These are the minutes of YAS meeting of January 27, 2018. They are subject to amendment and approval at the next meeting.

Yarmouth Art Society

Minutes of January 27, 2018 meeting

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Yarmouth

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm.

Minutes from the November 19, 2017 meeting were read and approved with a minor correction.

Treasurer’s report: For the period from November 19, 2017 to January 27, 2018 opening balance was $2148.17, total funds balance is $2471.76.

Old Business:

Show Garson Sisters: Virginia gave an up-date on the progress of this show. A $1700 grant has been received. The show will feature photographs, artifacts and paintings of the Garson sisters and it will focus on the importance of art for children. During the 4-month show, there will be art talks and workshops by the participants and former art students of the Garson sisters.

Member show at AGNS: The YAS members show at the AGNS for October, November and December 2018, has been approved. There is no theme for this event and YAS members are encouraged to particpate.

Bread & Olives: Three pieces of art work sold during the last show at Bread & Olives. Virginia will contact Trish about having another small art show during March and April, as Trish has expressed interest in having another show.

Yarmouth County Museum: We will be having our usual summer show at the museum. This will be in August, September and October with the first six weeks being work from the print shop in Yarmouth along with two other print shops. From September 15 to the end of October will be a show for all YAS members. After some discussion, it was decided that Virginia will contact the Write Away group to see if they wish to participate this year. We believe this year the Write Away group should do the writing based on our art work if they agree to participate.

New Business:

Executive Board Members: All executive board members agreed to remain in their current positions.


Virginia informed us that Hugh Eamon will be having a show at the YARC during the month of March with the opening reception on March 10 at 2:00 pm. Dave suggested, and it was agreed, that the YAS should sponsor the opening reception.

Margriet mentioned asking Marcel d’Entremont speak at either our February 24 or March 24 meeting about the art program he taught at NSCC. Carol will ask Marcel if he’s interested and if so, Margriet would contact him to discuss details.

Dan reminded us that the first meeting at the Grand, concerning the new arts and cultural centre, is coming up on January 31 at 6:30. Cecil raised the question of cost for using facilities like the print shop at the new location and Margriet raised the question of cost and space available for workshops. Dan replied that there is a committee looking into the cost for these things and that it’s important for us to attend the meetings and to bring up questions such as these. Dan also said the Holy Trinity Church is putting onĀ  events to promote the arts. Dave mentioned that the hospital is looking into having a room available to display art work.

Ann Jones and Virginia had a meeting recently with mayor, Pam Mood, to discuss the new art and cultural centre. The meeting went very well and Pam was glad to meet with artists that support the new centre.

Ivan suggested that the YAS make a donation to the AGNS as we’ve done in the past. After some discussion, it was agreed that $240 would be for a corporate membership to the AGNS plus a $260 donation for a total of $500. A donation to the museum was also discussed and it was decided we’d wait until summer, at the time of our show at that location.

Next meeting will be on February 24, 2018 at 1:00 pm at the AGNS.

Respectfully submitted,

Noella DeMille

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