YAS to participate in Sara Corning events

At our April meeting Wendy Majestic talked about the Sara Corning project. This is what we learned from her about Sara:
Sara Corning was born in Chegoggin in 1872. She studied in the U.S. and was a nurse who became known for her nursing and humanitarian work,  saving thousands of Greek, Armenian and Assyrian orphans and refugees. After assisting during the aftermath of the Halifax explosion,  Sara joined the Near East Relief effort, working mainly with orphans providing housing and emphasizing education.  The Sara Corning Centre for Genocide Education in Toronto was named in her honor in 2011. Sara returned to Chegoggin when she retired and she died in 1969 at the age of 97. On the weekend of September 14-15 a statue of Sara will be unveiled on the Yarmouth County Museum property, a play about her life will be presented  at Th’YARC and there will be other activities.
We decided to have an  art exhibit during the month of September with art work inspired by Sara or her life’s work or the places where she has been.
The work will be on display at the Holy Trinity Hall.
If you want to know more about Sara, you can Google. You will find a lot of information and pictures on the internet.
This is a good way to contribute to the activities in September and an excellent chance to show your work to a lot of visitors.
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