Colour workshop available – July 6th

Workshop on the theory of color on July 6th.
Note: workshop given in English
There is still room. Please register to
Color Workshop with Deborah
Cherry Mosch
Dates: Saturday July 6th from 9am to 4pm
Place: The Manivelle on the campus of Université
Sainte-Anne, Church Point,N.S.
Fees: 50$ for the workshop + $55 for the
Textbook – Color, A Love Story . Participants may
purchase a copy. One copy can be shared by two
Registration: or with
Project description: “One Hue, Many Colors”
Using the textbook Color, A Love Story as
a color companion, this workshop is an
introduction to understanding and using color.
The first few chapters of the book cover concepts
like: the properties of color; how to mix colors;
how to apply the paint; how to develop a design.
Through discussions, demonstrations and handson
exercises, participants will learn about and
utilize a “process.” Using elements painted by the
participants, they will be guided in designing and
creating a finished collage that utilizes these
concepts and explores the possibilities of a
simple color scheme (even monochromatic).
Guided critiques will occur during the work
session to give participants opportunity to give
each other feedback.
Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas paper
You must register and a materials list will be
Bio: Deborah Cherry Mosch is an artist and an
educator living in Savannah, Georgia, where she
has taught at the Savannah College of Art and
Design for more than twenty-five years. When
she isn’t teaching she is creating and studying all
things color and design. Having been a painter
most of her life, she started designing jewelry as
a natural extension of her most recent abstract
paintings which are based upon her “to-do lists.”
Her materials for the jewelry allow texture
for added depth and movement, and vary in
nature; she typically uses utilitarian materials,
vintage beads, and semi-precious stones together
to create each unique design. More recently she
started creating her drawings digitally, allowing
her to make immediate transformations in design
and color. The formal elements of the work rely
upon color to create atmosphere, economy and
rhythm of design.
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