Minutes of June meeting

These are unapproved minutes. See future minutes for changes.

Minutes of June 29 ,2019 Meeting

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia,Yarmouth

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm.

Minutes of the May 25,2019 meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s report from the period from May 25 to June 29, 2019, opening balance of $3508.70 and total balance forward  of $3568.70.This balance includes Garson Reserve of $474.58 and 4 Ateliers Reserve $1863.24. Actual YAS balance forward is 1230.88. Financial Report approved as presented.

New Business:

Switch Open Streets: dates are July 28th and August 25th 2019. Artists can set up wherever they wish too. It is a good forum to paint and to demonstrate your work. Alma Square has been a good space in the past but it is whoever gets to the space first.

Hospital Hullaballoo: will be September 21 2019. We will be taking part as usual. Ivan spoke to one representative from the Ladies Auxilliary and told her we needed 3 tables.Virginia will be seeing another representative Sunday and will ask everything  be confirmed with Margriet.

Old Business:

Shows at the Museum: first show is October 5th to November 9th 2019 ;Yas members only, new work requested. Second show is November 16th to January 11th 2019 ; YAS members with Rug Hookers, winter theme.                                                                                                                             

Yarmouth Craft Guild 40th Anniversary Exhibition August 10th to September 28th 2019 at Yarmouth County Museum and Archives.

Summer Art Classes for Children: 10 children have registerd and there is a waiting list. Anyone who wants to help with the classes can let Margriet or Kelianne know.The AGNS are asking anyone who may want to teach classes in the future to submit their name , and their medium and age group preferences.

Sara Corning Project: Margriet is still taking names of artists who want to take part in show in September; writers will join us in the show.Dates to be confirmed.

Artwork  in Yarmouth Hospital: Hospital staff working on hanging system.Securing to wood is no problem,securing to metal is still being worked on.Commission to Ladies Auxilliary discussed and it was moved by Ivan Blades and seconded by Virginia Stoddard that the ladies Auxiliary be paid 30% commission .Motion carried.Margriet is working on a flier,the space allotment is approximately 60 ft., the Ladies Auxilliary accepts cash and cheques only, no credit cards. Anne Harding moved and Margaret Geddrey seconded that we call the Gallery,”L’Art de la Coeur”,” Art from the Heart”. Motion carried.

YAS networking : Conseil des arts de la Baie , Par en Bas Art Group and YAS are working on the Hospital project. Also more sharing of activities and workshops is happening between Comseil des arts dela Baie and YAS .

Discussion re networking with the business people in the area to get work of YAS and also the Craft Guild out there. Examples of businesses we could have discussions with are Every Blooming Thing Gift Shop at Lighthouse and the Friends of the Lighthouse   Gift Shop at the Killam Building. Suggestions of networking with more local business people, inviting them to openings, possibly having a Art Fair or show for them with food, wine and display for them what is available. Place, time and logistics need further discussion.

Roundtable discussion held.

Next Meeting will be September 28th 2019, 1pm, AGNS.

After the meeting Virginia Stoddard was honored for her outstanding contribution to the Yarmouth Art Society. She was presented with a YAS lifetime membership, a subscription to Canadian Art and many well wishes for her move to St John’s  NFLD. Light refreshments were served.


Respectfully submitted

Paulette Babin

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