Mi’gitu Teachings workshop

Mi’gitu Teachings, (Grandmother Teachings)

Over six weeks this summer, Marilyn Francis, a Mi’kmaq Elder from Acadia First Nations in Yarmouth, will present a program at AGNS Yarmouth focused on traditions and crafts of her native culture. Participants can expect to learn about Sacred Teachings such as the importance of the drum, dreamcatcher and Talking Circle in Mi’kmaw culture, along with how to make simple crafts representing those teachings. The program will culminate with a Smudge, Feast (pot luck) and Sharing Circle.

 Six week program, Thursday nights from 6pm-8pm

  • Registration required (10 participants each week) Ages 16+
  • NOTE: People can register for the entire six week or pay as you go.
  • Fee of $125.00 for all sessions or $25 per session 

 July 6, 2017   Make a Personal Medicine pouch

Learn 4 Sacred Medicines, which are tobacco, sweet-grass, sage and cedar.
July 20, 2017 Make a small drum keychain

The beat of the drum represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth of the Mi’kmaq Nation.

July 27, 2017  Make a small dream catcher

The dream catcher originates from the Anishinaabe First Nation. It is said the first light of the sun destroys all the bad dreams and keeps the good ones for the dreamer.

August 3, 2017 Talking circle

The talking stick or eagle feather begins the talking circle. When holding the object, the person gets to speak and share what is in their heart or mind.

August 10, 2017   Storytelling

The sharing of dreams, teachings and experiences of the person telling the story.

August 17, 2017    Smudge ceremony

A smudge ceremony is done with sweet-grass or sage, and clears the space of any negative energy. The Feast consists of a potluck whereby each person brings something to eat. A spirit plate giving thanks for all the many gifts is received from the Creator.

Each session will start with a smudging ceremony.

To register call 902 749 2248 or email selena.crosson@novascotia.ca



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